15 Kids Interrogated for CBD Crimes, Police Get More Power

Salim Ali
Published 2 weeks ago on 7 February, 2024
15 children questioned after CBD crime spree, as state announces tougher police powers

In the wake of a CBD crime spree involving minors, Victoria has been on high alert. Recently, 15 children were questioned following the incident, prompting the state to announce enhanced police powers. The new measures aim to curb the rising tide of youth crime and weapon-related violence that has been plaguing the community.

Key takeaways

  • Victoria Police target at-risk youths and gang-related crime.
  • Shadow police spokesman calls for stricter weapon classifications.
  • New legislation to close loopholes in serving firearm prohibition orders.
  • Libertarian MP criticizes the expansion of police powers.
The recent CBD crime spree by minors has led to stronger police powers in Victoria, including changes in legislation to better serve firearm prohibition orders and address weapon possession.

Legislation Tweaks to Address Weapon Possession

Following the incident where 15 children were questioned after a CBD crime spree, the government is taking a firmer stance on weapon possession. The classification of machetes is under scrutiny, with calls to categorize them as prohibited rather than controlled weapons. This change is part of a broader effort to strengthen the legal framework against the possession of dangerous weapons by youths and gang members.

Additionally, the state has introduced legislative changes to streamline the process for serving firearm prohibition orders (FPOs). The new provisions will empower police to obtain warrants for serving FPOs, ensuring that individuals who evade legal notices can no longer exploit existing loopholes.

Concerns Over Expanding Police Powers

While the state’s response to the 15 children questioned after the CBD crime spree has been to bolster police authority, not everyone agrees with the approach. Critics argue that the expansion of police powers could infringe on civil liberties. There is concern that warrantless searches and seizures may become commonplace, without adequate judicial oversight.

Libertarian MP David Limbrick has voiced opposition to the new measures, emphasizing the importance of addressing the root causes of organized crime instead of granting police unnecessary powers. The debate continues on how to balance public safety with the protection of individual rights.

Issue Government Response Critic’s Concern
Youth Crime Targeting at-risk youths and gang crime Need for addressing underlying causes
Weapon Classification Reclassification of machetes as prohibited weapons
Firearm Prohibition Orders Legislation changes to close serving loopholes Risk of warrantless searches and seizures

The state’s announcement of tougher police powers comes as a direct response to the 15 children questioned after a CBD crime spree. The measures introduced aim to enhance community safety by targeting youth crime and tightening weapon control. While these steps are seen as necessary by some, they also raise questions about the balance between law enforcement capabilities and civil liberties.


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